Digital satire – the power of the painter


Social media is the great leveller in the world of politics and art. The internet has democratised the politician’s spin; visually reducing politicians to a laughing stock. Visual satire is now being produced on a scale never seen before in the digital arena. The combination of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, along with editing tools such as Photoshop, enables artists to create digital works, with immediate effect. Many artists are now using digital satire as a means of expressing their creativity as well as questioning political and social injustice.


One artist who is leading the way in digital satire, is the artist, Norrie Harman. Harman is an award-winning oil painter who grew up on the outskirts of Edinburgh, in Wester Hailes, a 1970’s housing scheme. Harman’s work explores his childhood growing up in a wild, forgotten part of the city with themes of dystopia and poverty. This was beautifully explored in Harman’s exhibition…

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