Using social media in your business


The internet could be called “The Connect”. We are all connected 24/7. Your business can no longer afford to stand apart from the digital revolution. Social media is here to stay. The conversation will go on, with you or without you, so be part of it and get connected.

I have included links here to getting started with a business account/account on each of the main social sites. Get started with TWITTER, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, LINKED-IN, and PINTEREST and see where connections take you and your business! There are lots more articles on MASHABLE, TECHCRUNCH and HUBSPOT for further information.


The old ways of marketing are dying. Brands and businesses still need to think about their values and the “tone of voice” of the brand but of supreme importance in this new digital world is the TRANSPARENT, HONEST and AGILE voice of the socially connected brand. Consumers want to interact with brands and they want to do it NOW. This is a grew opportunity for SME’s who can be social ninjas compared to their slower larger competitors. 

Get started by talking WITH your customers instead of AT them. This will result in valuable feedback from valued customers, which is the breeding ground for adjustment and innovation – the tools of the social entrepreneur. The goal is to be a LOVED brand – loving your customers and they loving your brand in return.


The wonderful team at Hubspot coined the phrase “Inbound Marketing” and their book will tell any social entrepreneur how to create remarkable content. Buy it here (guys, you can thank me later!!). Seriously, it is invaluable for any SME. In a nutshell, blog, blog and blog some more, curtesy of WordPress. Click away photos to your hearts content on Instagram and pin everything on Pinterest!


Optimise and reach out! I wrote a blog a while back on optimising your linked-in profile here.

Reach out to everyone that is in your industry in your town and across the world. Go global, baby! Thats the beauty of Linked-In! Reach out politely and with grace and see what happens. The sky is the limit. It is a wonderful business tool. Enjoy!


Pin, pin and pin some more! I wrote a blog yesterday about this site here. It is the fastest growing site since Facebook and your brand/business HAS to be on it. Have a read of the article and get pinning!

And watch out, your customers might get addicted to your pins, tweets, pics!

Surrendering to Social Media: Is It Addiction?
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Three Business Birthday Wishes

Hurrah! It is Mama Tea’s third birthday today! Three years ago, I set up stall at the Scottish Baby Show in Glasgow and sold our first bag of loose leaf Mama Tea. I didn’t realise then that it was also my birthday of becoming the Mamapreneur

I thought I would blow out the candles and tell you my three business birthday wishes:

Birthday Wish No 1 – Big Mama

I wish that Mama Tea goes from strength to strength. It is not easy bringing a brand to market but we have managed it! It is now our time to grow rapidly and periods of growth are always challenging for any business. I am busy raising investment money for our business and am going to be doing a series of blogs about the challenges of growth. Time to go big, Mama!

Birthday Wish No 2 – International Mama

I wish that we can launch Mama Tea in the US and Europe this year. We also want to change our website so that we can sell direct into as many countries as possible! We are going to be developing an international e-commerce platform over this next year, using the principles of agile development to launch it and develop it. Eventually, we want to sell into every country in the world. Let’s fly, Mama!

Birthday Wish No 3 – Social Mama

I wish that we could increase our social media presence by launching an app, or a map, or a niche social network or whatever the next social trend is! Connecting with our customers and being social. #mamateamap is our current social media experiment. Check it out on Twitter! We are using the principles of in-bound marketing in action to get our brand message out there and connect with our customers! Join our community – social commerce rocks!

I am excited about our future and looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

The Mama

Mama Tea Shop on Payvment

It was truly a royal weekend with a happy ending, not just because of a wonderful wedding but because of mama tea being very social at the Scottish baby show! As a part of our social media experiment, we were exploring numerous options and finally found an application on Facebook which blew our tea cosy’s off!
Social commerce is the next big thing to happen and before you know it, almost all  businesses will have their own e-commerce platforms on their Facebook fan pages. How cool is that?! Mama Tea decided to do the same and finally zeroed in on one application which best suited our brand. The name of the application is called Payvment and the beauty of the application is that you can set up your own virtual shop within minutes. The user interface is fairly simple even though the navigation links/icons could have been better.
While most other similar applications either charge you on a monthly basis or take a cut from you sales or in the best case, redirect you to their website in the final step of the purchase, Payvment scores above the rest by being totally free. Yes FREE!!! There are no subscription charges, no commissions and the whole transaction takes place on your Facebook page itself.
While the intricate details of how the application works are better left for you to explore, all you need to do first is “Like” Payvment’s Facebook page and install the application.

After this, you are easily directed to setting up your shop where you can upload pics for each of your products along with their descriptions. Everything from shipping costs to sales tax can be customized very easily.You can even offer discounts to customers who “Like” your fan page and include option for bulk purchases. With everything said and done, the payment takes place using a secured portal and the customers can actually choose to pay by card or paypal. As and when a purchase is made, you will get an e-mail notification and you can also customize it to redirect through  Payvment’s IPN to send real-time notifications about an order.

You can visit the Mama Tea Shop here and explore it in detail. Go ahead and purchase your favorite teas from the virtual shop and let us know what you think about it.