Take your first step to success – execute!

Inspired by Inc’s article on execution, I thought I would scribble a few of my own musings on EXECUTION!! http://www.inc.com/ron-leshem/why-execution-not-ideas-will-bring-you-success.html

I have ideas all the time as do most people; ideas are like little sparkly particles buzzing around, waiting to be plucked out of thin air! It is so much fun musing about this invention or that one. However, fun is where they stay until you TAKE ACTION! What I say to you (as do Nike) is JUST DO IT. Jump, leap, open the door……take ONE STEP towards making your idea reality and it will start to happen. That first step is the most important one. It becomes easier and easier to take more steps.

I dreamt up the idea for a range of herbal teas that tasted good, looked good and helped with pregnancy and breastfeeding. It could have stayed there – hanging in the air. But I picked up the phone to a Master Tea Blender and took that vital first step. I then called one of the UK’s top Medical Herbalists and took my second step. They could have laughed at me but both liked the idea and then worked with me to develop the range. I am now managing an international supply chain and have supplied Waitrose, Tesco and Roche Pharmaceuticals. I am still taking small steps every day and am still scared a lot of the time. Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of a ride but I BELIEVE in myself and I BELIEVE in Mama Tea. That gives me power and fuels my persistence.

It all came from that first step.

Think, then DO. Then see what happens!