What does one wear to a very important business lunch?


Who knows? Answers on a postcard. One thing’s for sure. The must-have accessory is a teacup!


How do I do it – Two Full-time Jobs………Mamapreneur and Mama!

I woke up this morning with the stunning realisation that I have two full-time jobs – my babies and my business. This realisation hit me like a brick and is a truth that I have been ignoring for some time now. How do I do it ( as the book/film goes)? The reality is that I don’t really know and it is a world of chaos most of the time. I am not alone in this dilemma and indeed, if we are to encourage more women to start up businesses, we need to address this issue. I thought it would be *fun* to share my thoughts……


Going ANYWHERE with a five year old and a three year old is not easy. Every journey involves at least one grump and one tantrum (on a good day!). I used to think that I was good at negotiating as a lawyer…..no, that was nothing compared to being a mamapreneur! I negotiate with my two on a constant basis. As they get older, their arguments are more and more sophisticated; law firms of the world take note.

Food Shopping

Ah, the delights of food shopping with young children. We have all seen the advert of the mum throwing the tantrum in the shopping aisle. That about covers it. Therefore, one now reverts to internet shopping. Wonderful! However, a plea to the Sainsburys/Waitrose/Tesco’s of this world. Can you put a big, fat button on the online shop which says repeat last order without me having to do it all again? That would be wonderful, thank you!


*baby brain* has nothing on mamapreneur brain. I have no memory cells left. When visiting a bookshop,  I can be found wandering around the Self Improvement section, wistfully eyeing up the *Improve Your Memory* books! iPhone/ipad helps as does numerous pads of paper scattered around house but its a constant battle!


I have read all about meditation and its benefits, I kind of know how to do it, how to sit, what to wear (v important!), candles, setting etc. So do I do it? No. I don’t. When it comes to the crunch, I lie down *to meditate* and crash out. Note to self – execution is key – meditate baby!

Working after kids have gone to bed

These are the hours after the children have finally drifted off to sleep. These are the hours that I imagine during the day. I will be full of energy. Ready to hop on to the laptop and work away like the inspired entrepreneur that I am! What happens in reality? I am deadbeat tired by 8pm. So tired that I often want to go to bed then myself. These are the hours that watching the Kardashians seem appealing. I then end up looking at my laptop *just before going to bed* and working till silly o’clock. Not sensible. Not clever.

I have a plan though!

  • I will buy a Improve Your Memory book at the weekend AND read it;
  • Do my internet food shop at a regular time weekly;
  • Commit to 10 minutes of meditation in the MORNING!;
  • Go for a run at 8pm instead of Kardashianing it.

The travelling with kids bit will stay the same…..but maybe this Mama might be a little less frazzled! Will share how I get on………